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  Mechanical seal >
 >> Spring-loadedmechanical seals
   > C45series ofmechanical seals
   > C550series ofmechanical seals
 >> Metal bellowsmechanical seal
   > 测试分类一可修改
   > 测试分类二可修改
 >> Rubber bellowsmechanical seal
   > 分类一
   > 分类二
 >> Mechanical sealstirrer
   > 分类三
   > 分类四
 >> Magnetic Seal
 >> Dry gas seals
 >> CKSeriescartridge mechanicalseal
  Sealsupport system >
 >> Hydrocyclone
 >> Heat Exchanger
 >> Pressurizedtank
 >> Pressure tank
  Pumps >
 >> Magnetic pump
 >> Chemical centrifugal
 >> Dedicated pump
  Couplings >
 >> DCseries of non-protective type
 >> DCSeriesprotective type
 >> DGSeries
 >> CTLSeries
 >> CBLSeries
 >> GL, AGL, BGL, CGLseries
  Bellows >
 >> Weldedmetal bellows
 >> Spoolassembly
  Casting >
 >> CastingProducts
  Full-power machine screwvapor-liquidflow >
 >> Full-power machine screwvapor-liquidflow
Number Thumbnails About
1 CNA Magnetic Drive Pump
Performance range: Flow: 3-600m3/h Head: 4­-240m Power: ≤160kw Structure declaration: Single-Stage, Horizontal, Radial Split Volute Pump Axial Direction Sucti..
2 CNE Magnetic Drive Pump
Performance Range: Flow: 3-600m3/h Head: 4¬-240m Power: ≤160kw Structure declaration: 1.Single-Stage, Horizontal, Radial Split Volute Pump 2.Axial Direction Suction an..
3 CMH Magnetic Drive Chemical Centrifugal Pump
Applaction: Chemical Plant / Petroleum / Oil Refinery / Power Plant / Paper Pulp / Pharmaceutical Industries Medium: Corrosive and Non-Corrosive Fluid without Particle Specific..
4 CMC Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump
Applaction: Chemical / Oil Refinery / Paper Pulp / Pharmaceutical Industries / Sugar Industries Medium: Clear/Low Fluid High Temperature Fluid Mid Corrosive Fluid Containing Mi..
5 CMX Single, Dual Stage Magnetic Vortex Pump
Applaction: Petroleum Refinery / Chemical Plant / Power Plant / Offshore Engineering / Pharmaceutical Industry Medium:  Clear Medium  Low Temperature Medium  Low Flo..
6 CMY Magnetic Drive Pump
Applaction: Oil Refining / Petrol-Chemical / Power Plant / Pharmaceutical Industry / Sewage Treatment Medium: High Temperature Fluid  High Pressure Fluid  Mild-Corros..
7 CMAD Multistage Magnetic Drive Pump
Applaction: Boiler Feeding / Oil and Sewage Feeding / Seawater Platform Injecting / High-Rise Building Water Supply / Scale Removing Medium:  Low- Temperature Fluid  ..
8 CA Petrochemical Processing Pump
Applaction: Oil Refinery / Petrochemical Products Refining / Chemical Plant / Power Plant / Transportation Engineering / Pharmaceutical Industry Medium: Acid  Alkali  ..
9 CC Chemical Centrifugal Pump
Applaction: Chemical Plant / Petrochemical Industry / Oil Refinery / Paper Pulp / Pharmaceutical Industry / Sugar Industry Medium:  Neutral Liquids  Corrosi..
10 CE Petrochemical Process Pump
Applaction: Chemical Industry/Petrochemical Industry/Power Engineering / Environment Project/Offshore Project / Pharmaceutical Industry Medium: Clean Liquid  Liquid contain..
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