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  Mechanical seal >
 >> Spring-loadedmechanical seals
   > C45series ofmechanical seals
   > C550series ofmechanical seals
 >> Metal bellowsmechanical seal
   > 测试分类一可修改
   > 测试分类二可修改
 >> Rubber bellowsmechanical seal
   > 分类一
   > 分类二
 >> Mechanical sealstirrer
   > 分类三
   > 分类四
 >> Magnetic Seal
 >> Dry gas seals
 >> CKSeriescartridge mechanicalseal
  Sealsupport system >
 >> Hydrocyclone
 >> Heat Exchanger
 >> Pressurizedtank
 >> Pressure tank
  Pumps >
 >> Magnetic pump
 >> Chemical centrifugal
 >> Dedicated pump
  Couplings >
 >> DCseries of non-protective type
 >> DCSeriesprotective type
 >> DGSeries
 >> CTLSeries
 >> CBLSeries
 >> GL, AGL, BGL, CGLseries
  Bellows >
 >> Weldedmetal bellows
 >> Spoolassembly
  Casting >
 >> CastingProducts
  Full-power machine screwvapor-liquidflow >
 >> Full-power machine screwvapor-liquidflow
Number Thumbnails About
1 CS Standard Cyclone Separator
Model Description:    Mainly used to filter the particles and solids in the liquid Introduce the clean liquid into the seal chamber or other place needed lubricated  
2 CHR Heat Exchanger
Model Description:    Typical Coil Heat Exchanger Double Coils around a Guide Tube Both vertical and horizontal are available.
3 CLZ-2000 Standard Pressure Booster
Model Description:  The installation dimension meeting with the requirement of JB/T7055-93 standard  All metal parts are made of Austin stainless steel.  Coo..
4 G6310R Standard Pressure Vessel
Model Description:   Heat Exchanging Performance with Heat Exchange Tube All Metal Parts are in Austenitic Stainless Steel Pressurization monitored by a Pressure Meter Equip..
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