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  Mechanical seal >
 >> Spring-loadedmechanical seals
   > C45series ofmechanical seals
   > C550series ofmechanical seals
 >> Metal bellowsmechanical seal
   > 测试分类一可修改
   > 测试分类二可修改
 >> Rubber bellowsmechanical seal
   > 分类一
   > 分类二
 >> Mechanical sealstirrer
   > 分类三
   > 分类四
 >> Magnetic Seal
 >> Dry gas seals
 >> CKSeriescartridge mechanicalseal
  Sealsupport system >
 >> Hydrocyclone
 >> Heat Exchanger
 >> Pressurizedtank
 >> Pressure tank
  Pumps >
 >> Magnetic pump
 >> Chemical centrifugal
 >> Dedicated pump
  Couplings >
 >> DCseries of non-protective type
 >> DCSeriesprotective type
 >> DGSeries
 >> CTLSeries
 >> CBLSeries
 >> GL, AGL, BGL, CGLseries
  Bellows >
 >> Weldedmetal bellows
 >> Spoolassembly
  Casting >
 >> CastingProducts
  Full-power machine screwvapor-liquidflow >
 >> Full-power machine screwvapor-liquidflow
Number Thumbnails About
1 CK800\850 Rotating Welded Bellows,Single Cartridge Seals
Complied with ANSI and DIN Standards  All Dimensions are both in Metric and Inch. Excellent Dynamic Performance Applied Industries Chemical, Paper Pulp, Oil Refinery, Food industry and ..
2 CK600\650 High Temperature Welded Bellows Cartridge Seal
Model Description:   API682  High Temperature Stationary Welded Metal Bellows  Cartridge Seal  Application all industries and especially for tra..
3 CK300\310 General Multi-Spring Cartridge Seals
Model Description:   Standardized Design Complied with ANSI and DIN Standards Cartridge Design Easy Fixing, Convenient Adjustment Applied Industries Power, Metallurgy..
4 C8GS Pump Gas Seal
Model Description:    Reliable Transmission Most Wide-ring Width and the better Dynamic Pressure Three Different Arrangements: Single Face Especia..
5 C905 Dual Faces Compressor Gas Seal
Model Description:    Specially design for Hazard Gas Free Leakage Applicable for Air Compressor and Nitrogen Compressor
6 C910 Compressor Tandem Gas Seal without middle teeth-packing
Model Description:    Two Stages Structures Primary seal bears all or most of load Design for Air Compressor and Nitrogen Compressor Applicable for working conditio..
7 C910S Tandem Gas Seal System CYG-CDXT with middle teeth-packing
Model Description:    Extreme leakage free Design for Air Compressor and Nitrogen Compressor Applicable for Working conditions where both leakage of process gas into t..
8 C900 Compressor Gas Seal and System
Model Description:    Basic Model of General Gas Seal Design for Air Compressor and Nitrogen Compressor that allows small amount of Non-hazardous Gas Leakage Application N..
9 GS100 Gas Mechanical Seal
Model Description:    Non-Contacting Design The gas is introduced act as lubrication between two seal faces to achieve the high service life and low power consumption. ..
10 CL30 Integral Magnetic Oil Seal
Model Description:    Use of Permanent Magnetism Material in Magnetic Parts Integral Design of Stationary Ring Minimize distortion in the process of production. Use ..
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